Alexi Sekmakas

Operating Partner

Alexi’s professional experience includes time with PNC Financial Services Group where Alexi first served as an equity analyst, and subsequently as an investment advisor with PNC’s Hawthorne Ultra-High Net Worth Asset Management Group. While with PNC, Alexi worked to establish, market, and grow the socially responsible investing initiative through small-mid cap securities analysis, and strategic brand development.

Craving greater variability, Alexi leapt into the emerging venture space joining Keanu Reeves, and Gard Hollinger’s startup, Arch Motorcycle. During Alexi’s time at Arch, he worked to develop a comprehensive rebranding strategy to maximize the efficiency of a limited marketing budget through measurable analytics. In an effort to expand brand recognition, Alexi renegotiated supplier promotional responsibilities, including Michelin Tire, and Michelin Star restaurant relationships. Forged from his eleven years living overseas, Alexi was then able to leverage his international networks to aid in the expansion of Arch’s sales distribution throughout Europe and into Australia.

Most recently, Alexi worked as a Partner at Starstep Capital within their hemp/CBD initiative focused on the rapidly expanding consumer products category, and its supply chain safety. While at Starstep Capital, Alexi discovered, oversaw acquisitions, and ongoing strategic management of three emerging hemp/CBD consumer brands. Engaging at a granular level, Alexi was able to provide ongoing financial management, and strategic marketing/sales support resulting in an portfolio average of 10x EBITDA.

Alexi Sekmakas has a BSBA (concentrations: International Business, Finance) from Elon University, and an MBA (concentrations: Marketing, Entrepreneurship) from Pepperdine University.